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© Soure: written by Diana Verhaegen

The Haecoon Maine Coon cats and kittens

Can a pedigreed cat go outside....???


In a way it is up to you however there is something to say for a pedigreed cat. At our place they can not roam free outside. We have thinked it over and came up with the following short conclusion.


Social and affectionate

A pedigreed cat has bin raised indoors for centuries. We all want a social and affetionate cat. This result however in loosing their nature qualities. Look and listen to the description people give when they lost their cat, through accidant, through thirds taken, "He/she was so sweet, affectionate, there is no cat like him/her, I could read and write with..., he/she was only out for a short time". These cats are most at risk !!!



In nature the sick and weak will die and with that only the strongest wild cat will survive. That's why a street/farmcat are more spicy than a under foot raised cat. If generation after generation are raised under foot, you lay a ground for a curtain behavior. The cat and the dog became our housepet in the same way over time.  


Pedigreed cats are bred to keep inside

The breeder of a pedigreed cat wil do his/her best to socialize your cat to be a lap/cuddlecat. The reason the breeder wants you to keep your cat inside is so you can have a catlife long of lap/cuddle fun. If you ever think it's sad the cat can't go outside, think about his/her genetic backpack not being established for the outside world. How sad would it than be to let him/her go without that knowlegde. We don't let a small child alone on a trainstation, now do we....??? You want to do something nice for your cat, give him/her an nice outside encloser and make that place as fun and interesting as possible.  


Lots of possibilities

Once you google on cat-enclosers lots of catruns and enclosers popup with lost of different possibilities of ways of making you cats-life fun in a very save way. 

For example: cat enclosures and/or kattenrennen


Off course...

There will always be people who say, "mine will never leave the garden, he/she isn't like that..." but cats are like kids, they try anyway just to have it done ones and if tried ones, they will do it again but a bit further than before. "You will never know if not tried". Sometimes nothing happens but often it will, with all suffer and pain of it. If you maybe think better a short exciting life than a long bored life, read the above yet again. Let us be clear you didn't buy a cat for this, did you...!!!


It took cencuries to make a wildcat into a docile housecat,within a moment (if it will survive) be a wildcat again.Than what's the purpose to buy an expensive pedigreed cat...???


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